We’ve Made Great Strides

While in Office

The last four years have been exciting and challenging times for Worthington.  I have worked diligently to improve transparency and communication with the goal of including all residents in the decision making process.  I believe we have made great strides in this effort.  This year council made the redevelopment of the Wilson Bridge Corridor as our top priority and have several initiatives in progress to revitalize our main commercial area.  In addition, as part of council I have:

Created Jobs and strengthen Worthington’s tax base by; securing tenants for the long vacant Kilbourne building, assisted, through incentives, the renovation of the 350 Wilson Bridge Road Building to provide for new class A office space, encouraged and incentivized the expansion of MedVet and Wheels Up and the location of PetPeople’s headquarters in Worthington, saw the construction and completion of FCBank as a result of the city’s abatement and economic development efforts, and saw Old Worthington’s business occupancy rate reach 100%.

Improved Transportation by; completing the 270/23 interchange improvements, began planning efforts to reconstruct the Wilson Bridge/Huntley Road intersection, joined in a multi-jurisdictional partnership to study the 161 corridor.

Made bicycle and pedestrian transportation a priority by; construction of the first phase of the river to recreation center multi-use trail, installed new pedestrian hybrid beacons to encourage walkability by improving pedestrian safety, created the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, designed and began installation of new wayfaring signage.

Encouraged sustainable practices by; insisting that solar panels be incorporated in plans for the Recreation Center roof project, drafted and sponsored legislative changes to Worthington’s Design Guidelines to provide better guidance for the placement of solar applications in the Architectural Review District.

Continued to strengthen Worthington’s finances by; securing and maintaining the city’s first AAA bond Rating, receiving the Auditor of States Award for Excellence in Financial Reporting, increased the city’s rainy-day fund while maintaining a balanced budget.

Enhanced Transparency and communication by; releasing an improved, project specific area to city web page, the creation of a new e-newsletter, introduction of an email notification system to alert citizens of projects they have shown an interest in and an increased personal outreach to citizens groups in order to obtain diverse points of view.

I cannot promise what the next four years will bring, but I will promise to listen, keep an open mind and always put the best interests of all Worthington residents first.  I hope over the last eight years I have earned your support.

Municipal government is democracy at its finest.

In my thirty years of government service, I have not lost the idealism that sent me to law school.

An ordinary citizen is not allowed to speak in the chambers of the United States or State of Ohio legislature. But in Worthington, all you need to do is show up at a council meeting ask and the podium is yours. Municipal government is democracy at its finest. From a young age, I have been inspired by what our founding fathers created. I believe American Democracy is the greatest social institution ever established.

It excites and humbles me to know that I am a part of that institution. It also challenges me to represent your interest with the greatest integrity and honesty. I bring my best to council every day. It is an honor and privilege to serve in such an institution. I hope I have earned your trust so that I may continue to serve.